Air Filter for Toyota Car

Air Filter for Toyota Car


JS ASAKASHI is a renowned engineering company for filtration product since 1994.  JS ASAKASHI Lab. Inc uses world-class filter element technology to block almost all airborne dust and dirt that can harm an engine including particles as small as a grain of salt. Air Filters are available in panel and round cyclone styles to fit most vehicles.

Features of Engine Air Filter (A1003)

  1. It’s a Panel Element Air Filter
  2. It allows a linear path throughout the filter for low air flow restriction.
  3. A special forming process helps to form our exclusive pocket pleat for the filter media.
  4. A variety of technology allows NONWOVEN, PLASTIC FRAMED and POLYURETANE MOLDED types of filters in the range.


Length(mm) : 290
Width 1 (mm): 149
Height 1 (mm): 53


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