JNBK Break Shoe FN2330

JNBK Break Shoe FN2330


JNBK Corporation PTE. Ltd. Tokyo, Japan produces NiBK Brake Shoe in Taiwan factory. It’s the world’s best quality brake shoe and widely uses in 68 countries including USA and Europe market.

Feathers of NiBK brake Shoe

  1. NiBK brake shoe are made of special Metal Firber& Carbon Graphitesensuring high quality and durability of shoe.
  2. NiBK brake shoe are made of ceramic and organic metals, instead of  metal fibers and carbon graphite  to protect environment from pollution
  3. NiBK brake shoe lasts long and gives you a safe driving upto 40 thousand Kilometers.
  4. NiBK brake pad pads are echo friendly and rotor saver, make your life risk free and prolong your car’s life.


Radius 135

Width : 55

Thickness : 4

Pcs In Set : 4


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