JS Asakashi Premium Class Oil Filter C110J

JS Asakashi Premium Class Oil Filter C110J


JS ASAKASHI is a renowned engineering company for filtration product since 1994. A research group was developing a range of filtration products with innovative designs for leading production brands.  All items were suitable for Japanese and Korean vehicle ranges only. The entire production process went under the quality control of Asaka-Shi Research Lab, Inc.

Features of JS ASAKASHI Spin-on Oil Filter

  1. Heavy-duty Case of drawn steel provides longer life and improved durability.
  2. Anti-Drain Back Valve – keeps oil in filter to prevent engine from destructive “dry starts”. It stays flexible in extreme temperatures.
  3. Mounting Plate made of heavy gage steel prevents deflection (movement) at the gasket sealing surface and provides strong threaded attachment to the engine.
  4. Inner Element made by “M”- type pleated, prescription-blended filter media provides more than adequate filter efficiency. The element has controlled porosity blended media to assure complete filtration of the oil.
  5. Plate Spring is used instead of the commonly used coiled spring. That allows an increase in the size of the element within the same size of filer canister.
  6. O-Ring Gasket exterior seal in between the filter and the engine body. Usage of height quality rubber ensures leakage free environment even in extreme temperatures.
  7. By-pass Valve is a spring-loaded valve assembly calibrated to a certain pressure to prevent the engine from becoming dry in case of high contamination of media or extremely low temperatures.
Part Number: C110J
Weight: 1.15lbs
Notes: Remover of oil filters cup of 65 mm of 14 edges. Similar Filter: C113J Height: 90mm Filtration Area: 1200cm2
Non-slip Grip: Yes
Filter Style: Spin-on Canister
By-pass Valve: Yes, 1.2 bar
Anti-Drain Back Valve: Yes
Filter Thread Size:
3/4″x16 UNF
Filtering Material: Synthetic resin



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